Where is the stock market going so far this year?

Photo of stock market

The stock market seems to be looking for its next catalyst to move higher or lower, but there hasn’t been any definitive data either way. Headlines point to recession as economic activity, based on incoming data, suggests a slowdown that’s gaining momentum. Banks have begun to tighten lending standards that were already fairly conservative. The…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2023 graphic

Welcome 2023! We hope this year is filled with – *new ideas *new beginnings * new adventures * and new prosperity Happy New Year from the Team a Pacific Coast Financial Services

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What is the silver lining investment losses?

Graph representing ups and downs of stock market

Is there really a silver lining to losses in your investments?   You may be able to improve your tax situation by realizing losses.  This can help for the 2022 tax year, and in future years too. A capital loss happens if you buy an investment and then sell it for a lessor value. For example,…

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