Services/What We Do

Taeya Lauer, Seattle Financial Planner, meeting with a couple to review investment plans.

Financial Planning

To reach your financial goals and secure your future, you need your money to work as hard as you do. That’s where Pacific Coast Financial Services’ team of financial professionals come in. They will thoughtfully guide you through a strategic process that empowers you and your wealth.

Our financial planning services are always customized, and we start by asking the simple question, “What do you want your money to do for you? “

Each situation is unique, and depending on your answer, we know which tools and tactics to employ. Every aspect of your plan and portfolio will support your individual goals. And, you can count on communication and clarity at every turn, so that you feel connected and clear about your plan.

Wealth Accumulation

Whether it’s a long, or short road, to amassing wealth, you need support in ensuring your wealth continues to grow and provide you with the stability and security you deserve. We can help. Our team is deeply skilled in developing strategies for your money in all market conditions, so that you can count on your wealth when you need it.

We partner with you to make sound financial decisions that reflect your values, lifestyle and goals. There are many aspects of your financial life to be managed, and we know what you need to pay attention to. Sometimes the key to success isn’t about getting the highest returns, but instead focusing on reducing taxes, recognizing and limiting risk, or passing your wealth on to the next generation. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you no matter what the key is for you and your family.

A woman reviewing wealth accumulation with Seattle Financial Planner Taeya Lauer
Taeya Lauer of Pacific Coast Financial Services, presenting financial data

Investment Management

You’ve built a portfolio to be proud of, or want to build a stronger, more effective one. Our team is well versed in managing funds for all types of investors. We pride ourselves on safely managing your portfolio using proven financial strategies and an effective decision making process.

We strive to optimize your wealth by linking the financial planning process with the investment management process. This means you and your portfolio get a more comprehensive strategy that will be effective throughout the many phases of your life.

We combine solid research and a thorough investment discipline to help you manage risk, take advantage of growth opportunities and create income too. Our unique and exclusive portfolios are designed to achieve many different results, and are ready to help you get where you are going.