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Get market insights from some of investing’s top minds in a one-hour webinar. From what happened last quarter to when interest rates may fall, #LPLFinancial will discuss all the investing implications. Register today at

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Are we in a recession? Or is that the wrong question to be asking?

Graph for ressession

This year is proving to be a hard year for economists to predict. We have never faced a post pandemic economy, recovering from supply chain interruptions, while a significant armed conflict continues for the second year. The last time we had persistently high inflation was in the 70’s and much as has changed since then.…

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Thank you Structure Cellars Winery

Women & Wine event in West Seattle

Thank you Structure Cellars Winery for hosting women, wine and wills, and Jennylinglaw for coordinating the evening. We had a great turn out, met some great women, learned a lot and had some excellent wine.

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Congratulations to Taeya Lauer for reaching directors club

Pacific Coast Financial Services logo

Directors club members are the top 10% of all advisors using the LPL platform. This extraordinary accomplishment is a result of the important work we do every day to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our clients. Taeya’s leadership and unwavering commitment to her clients is inspirational. Congratulations on this impressive achievement for…

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