Sadie Ann Lauer, CCO (Chief Canine Officer)

“I found this vocation when I found my owner, because helping people meet their financial goals is her passion. From the first moment I sat on her foot as a rolly polly puppy I knew I would go home with her. And we have been together, helping people with their money, ever since.”


Well, I have been involved in this industry since I was knee high to a grasshopper. As the CEO’s right hand dog, I have been there since the get-go. I figure I know just about as much as she does when it comes to investments and financial plans. I have gotten my education by pretending to sleep while she is talking to clients or the team. But really, I have been absorbing it all, and if it weren’t for my lack of opposable thumbs, I am sure I would be writing all the financial plans by now.


All of the people on the team really get the dog thing, they are “dog people”. I think that says a lot about them, and their character. With my years of experience and talents, I could work a lot of places, but I choose to work at Pacific Coast because the team truly cares about what is best for our clients and works really hard to do a great job for them. Getting belly rubs from our awesome clients, morning cuddles with each team member, making our CEO share her lunch, and the steady supply of dog treats are key parts of my incentive package that keep me here too.


My hobbies are ball and stick chasing, swimming at all times of the year - no matter the weather, hiking and backpacking, training for and running in races, sleeping on beds and couches, and barking at those annoying dogs that take the treats from outside our office.


I think I have a pet license issued by the city of Seattle stuck to my collar. Beyond that, just overall dog greatness gets me by.

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