Cinder Lauer, Assistant to the Chief Canine Officer

"Once I learned about how we could help clients, I was hooked."

Why did you choose this vocation?

When I arrived in the family Taeya told me my job was to be Sadie’s assistant, so I just kind of figured I would end up here. Once I learned about how we could help clients, I was hooked. I am a bit of a people pleaser, as most labs are, and we can make so many people happy when they understand their financial plan, this is the perfect place for me.

Why do you love working with Pacific Coast Financial Services?

I am all about family and hanging out together, so I just love being involved in the family business. And you know what? Most of our clients are “dog people” and I think that says a lot about their character. I love meeting the clients and getting great ideas for new walking routes and dog adventures for us to go on.

What is the best part of your job?

The clients! They all give me lots of cuddles and some even throw the ball for me. In any client focused career, it is all about service and I try my best to make the clients happy with all the dog enthusiasm they can handle.

Career background and education

Well since I was a pandemic puppy, I never did make it to obedience training, so my formal education is a bit light. But, I am really a great on the job learner and quick to pick up on things especially if treats are involved.

Personal Interests?

My personal interests include long hikes and chasing small animals of any kind. I am also a great bird dog and have caught several, including a seagull right out of the air. I always give my prizes to Taeya, since she is the boss. I take Sadie on walks and function as her seeing ear dog since she lost her hearing. I also love to roll on my back in the grass or on snow. It feels so great, you should try it!

Certifications, Accreditations, and Licensees

Hmmm, I am not sure if I have any of these things. I have passed the temperament test at both Camp Crocket and Unleashed so I can go there and play with other dogs. I have some bling on my collar and that might include a city pet license. But since I am only the assistant I don’t worry too much about these things, that is Sadie’s job.

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